International Policy Conference: prima edizione

23/06/2015 - Servizi per l'Innovazione
Cooperation between the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries in the field of energy efficiency

1st International Policy Conference – INNOVER-EAST – July, 8 2015

July, 8 2015
INNOVER-EAST – Building a more effective pathway leading from research to innovation through cooperation between the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries in the field of energy efficiency
National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia
24, Marshall Baghramian Avenue, 0019 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

AREA Science Park, as key partner of FP7 INNOVER-EAST project, is organizing and will actively participate to the 1st International Policy Conference addressed to key national policy/decision makers of EU Eastern Partnership Countries in innovation and renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

Participants will also be: EaP (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine) National Contact Points, INNOVER-EAST project partners, research and innovation centres, universities, local experts, etc.

The aim is to present the major bottlenecks on innovation in the field of energy efficiency identified through 5 validated national studies produced in the frame of INNOVER-EAST project in the targeted EaP countries.

Policy makers and key stakeholders will be made aware of those problems and will be then actively involved in INNOVER-EAST future activities aimed at bridging the gap between research and innovation and between researchers and business. This will lead to an increased level of innovation in the Eastern Partnership countries and to a wider and more effective cooperation among EaP and EU countries in renewable energy and energy efficiency issues.

FVG energy related companies and innovation service providers are invited to participate to the event as it will represent an excellent networking opportunity as well as a chance for possible future businesses.

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