Public notice for the recruitment of N°. 3 experts in the following sectors: I) agro and bio-economy, II) transport & mobility, III) energy & environment; within the framework of the project “OIS-AIR – establishment of the open innovation system of the Adriatic-Ionian Region”. Public Notice C3/2019

Scadenza: 15/10/2019 Ore: 23:59

Riferimento Bando: Public Notice C3/2019

Area di Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica di Trieste – Area Science Park (hereinafter also “Area Science Park” or “the Body”) is announcing a competitive selection procedure for the recruitment of no. 3 experts in the following fields: i) Agro and Bio-economy, ii) Transport & Mobility, iii) Energy & Environment. The three highly qualified experts will be recruited as Senior Technical Experts to chair the three transnational Thematic Boards founded within the framework of the project “OIS-AIR – Establishment of the Open Innovation System of the Adriatic-Ionian Region”, which aims at launching the Open Innovation System of the Adriatic-Ionian Region.

Such activity is a part of the framework of the OIS-AIR Proof of Concept Call, a transnational Pilot Action to enhance the results of scientific research coordinated by Area Science Park, and it is functional to the evaluation of the Joint R2B Innovation Project.

The abovementioned procedure is aimed at selecting no.3 highly qualified experts who will chair the three transnational Thematic Boards in the following sectors:

  1. Agro- and Bio-economy;
  2. Transport & Mobility;
  3. Energy & Environment.

In particular, the three technical experts will have to chair the three thematic commissions carrying out the following tasks:

  • evaluate the project proposals, according to the criteria described in the “Proof of Concept Call – Terms & Conditions”, as detailed in Article. 6 (Criteria for evaluation and selection of beneficiaries of Innovation Vouchers) of the document “Proof of Concept Call – Terms & Conditions”;
  • coordinate the evaluation phase of the Boards composed by six technical experts, as identified by the Project Partnership among internal staff;
  • define the ranking of the proposals for each Thematic Commission;
  • compare the results of the evaluations of the three Commissions and draw up a unique, final ranking of the project proposals which will be awarded of the ten Vouchers available under the “OIS-AIR” project.

The activities will be carried out in a virtual environment, through on-line connection from remote, with dedicated access to the platform INNOVAIR.

The person responsible for the competitive procedure under this notice is the Director of the Innovation and Complex Systems Department, Mr. Stephen John Taylor.

Any information can be requested to Ms. Gaia Monteleone, mail:, tel. +39-040-375.5112